8 Amazing shopping markets of Delhi

Dilwalo ki Dilli is well known throughout the country & abundantly boasted off by Delhiets. I, personally cannot validate the saying but there is one thing that I absolutely love about Delhi. As soon as the idea of planning a vacation to Delhi comes up in our heads, there is a twin idea born of SHOPPING!!! To be honest, this statement is specially true for us ladies. If there is just one day to spend in Delhi and we need to choose between sightseeing and shopping in Delhi Haat, Guess what we shall choose! HAHA.

When it comes to shopping, Delhi stands incredibly out. Like way out. And every Indian and more knows that too. But if you have specific shopping requirements and restriction on time for which you will be left unleashed, GetMeCab brings you the list of most incredible shopping markets in Delhi. Check them out!

 1.  Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is the best shopping destination if you are looking for some really fancy handcrafted items from every corner of India. It is the one spot destination for handicrafts lovers without second thought. It was established to help craftsmen in showcasing their skill and help bring up the underrated talent that lives in every part of this nation which is known for its diversity all around the globe and probably beyond too.

You can buy stuff like silk material, paintings, clay-crafts, jewelry, footwear and a ton more and everything will give a sense of diversity in the cultures that co-exist in our country.

This place is beautiful and hence gets #1 place in our list.

PC: @techearth
PC: @techearth
  2. Chandini chowk

Chandini chowk totally justifies its name and remains all silvery with streets gliterring all day. Yes! Chandini chowk has everything from semi-precious stones, jewelry to stone worked sarees, lehengas, salwar and what not. As soon as you enter the street the crowd welcomes you for the real world of shopping in Delhi. This is one of the oldest shopping destinations in Delhi and one of the most interesting ones too. The food offered here too is incredibly famous and finger-licking-good.

You’ve got to go stroll in these wonderful streets if you are in Delhi.


 3. Lajpat Nagar

Lajpat Nagar is the best option if you want to shop more and spend less but for this you need to be  the GOD of bargaining. 😀 Lajpat Nagar has everything from the big showrooms with glass walls where you can go for the branded stuff to roadside stalls which offer same category of products at significantly lower prices. The shops in Lajpat Nagar have everything from clothing, bridal wears, sarees, household items, semi-precious jewellery to furniture’s etc. There are also many wholesale dealers so if you are planning to buy in bulk then it is a must visit place.


 4. Sarojini Nagar

If you are planning to buy fashionable, trendy clothing, accessories then this is the place for you. Oh! Are you worried that fashionable and trendy clothing cost a lot? They do not here. So chill out ladies if you are in Delhi then don’t miss out this place.


 5. Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh is also one of the oldest shopping as well as one of the residential area. It has the crowded streets as the place is filled with shops which have something for everyone who visits there. At, Karol Bagh we get all type of clothing to computer accessories shop to even cab taxi hire companies here like the GetMeCab office is based out in Karol Bagh.

 6. Khan Market

If you are a great fan of branded clothing’s and accessories and expect high-end boutiques for shopping then this is the must visit place in Delhi. There are many book shops, branded showrooms and many more to offer. This  U-shaped street has been a popular destination for people who come to Delhi in search of classy as well as in fashion items like clothing’s, accessories etc.

PC: @mensxp
PC: @mensxp
 7. Connaught Place

This was one of the largest markets when it was started in India and it was built by British and it is in the horseshoe shape. This is also one of the best places in Delhi when it comes to branded clothing’s, shoes and accessories. There are shops of Adidas, Nike, Louis Philippe and many more.

PC: @wordpress
PC: @wordpress
 8. South Extension

This is one of the posh localities in Delhi and it lies on the ring road.  When it comes to designer jewelry, clothing we can find many shops in the south extension. So whoever wants to buy designer lehengas for their marriage or for their friends or relatives marriage and has some great amount to spend then this is a must visit place in Delhi.

8 Amazing shopping markets of Delhi
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Phew! This was cumbersome. So many amazing places. And this is not all. Delhi indeed is a shopper’s paradise.

GetMeCab offers wonderful full day taxi tour packages in Delhi and one-way and return-trip journeys around Delhi. Let us take care of all your travel concerns and carry your hefty shopping bags back home. Cheers to you for being a shopaholic. 😎


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