Delhi to Bangkok Roadtrip

India to Thailand on road! Now that’s freedom of movement

The Indo-Thai road map is a tad bit complicated. Going via Myanmar is the only feasible option for travelers commuting over land.  Alternatively you can skip Myanmar by going through China and Laos. The latter route is going to take double time and more paperwork to get through the borders. So, Myanmar does serve the shortest and the most efficient route for your road trip.

The small town of Myawaddy is the best place to enter Thailand from Myanmar. A lot of people float between the two nations from this town.


Places to see in Myanmar

As your journey is going to dissect through Myanmar, it would be interesting to know the places to see. The temples in Bagan, Ngapali Beach in Ngapali and Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon are among the top 3 attraction that you cannot miss while crossing this beautiful country.


Flights from India to Myanmar and Thailand

Why travel on road when you can fly ?

Okay, the moment of truth is here. There are NO direct flights to Myanmar from India!

You can directly fly to Bangkok at a very cheap price but then you would miss all the fun this journey has to offer.

Fun Fact: There is a direct flight to San Francisco which is 15,000 Km away but none to our friendly neighbor.


Visa requirements for Indians

Visas are easy! An e visa scheme allows a fast and an easy process for all the Indians travelling to Myanmar. It resembles the Turkish e-Visa scheme and can be obtained online with very little effort. For Thailand, you will be issued an On arrival visa for 2000 Thai Bahts.

Visa Applications

Things to consider before you begin your journey

Traveling alone or with a group you have to consider some of the basic necessities before you travel.

Currency, language, food…. And the list goes on. A lot of other things have to be taken care of before planning the trip.

For 1 INR you would get about 20 Myanmar Kyat and 0.50 Thai Baht. Shopping in Yangon and Bangkok would be cheaper than shopping in Delhi. English is understood in all tourist attractions and places frequented by foreigners. Both of the countries offer amazing culture and food. Chicken Satay, Thai Green Curry, Burmese Khao Suey……aren’t you hungry yet!

Khow Suey

Statutory warning: If you are stepping your foot on this journey then be ready to experience some of the best landscapes, some of the best Buddhist monastery and some exceptional cuisines but at the cost of a bumpy bus journey, frequent passport checks and a total of around 40 hours on road!

It truly will give you a different view of life.

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