Top places to visit in Nagaland-Switzerland of East

One of the smallest states in India, Nagaland is increasingly becoming one of the most popular spots for nature tourism in the country. While the North-East India remains still under-explored as a tourist destination, gradually, the “seven sisters” of the North-East are becoming tourist magnets for the discerning tourist. Of all the states in the North-East, nature is at its purest, greenest and pristine best in Nagaland. Nagaland is one of the most under-rated tourist destinations in the country inspite of the fact tourists appreciate the stunning landscape, lovely visuals of the setting sun and exquisite scenery. 

Places to Visit in Nagaland




Dimapur is the area of the old Karachi civilization which ruled Nagaland several centuries ago. Many of the ruins of this ancient tribal empire may be found scattered around the Rajbari Park. The Wednesday Market at Dimapur is also quite popular as a tourist destination. It’s a busy, bustling market which gives visitors an excellent glimpse into the Naga way of life




Kohima is the site of the Kohima War Cemetery, where bodies of several hundred British and Indian soldiers who gave up their lives fighting back the Japanese invasion of the North-East of India during the World War 2. You are likely to be fascinated by the Open Air Museum in Kisama Heritage Village has an excellent selection of ancient Naga tribal artefacts. It is famous for being the site of the famous Hornbill Festival, which we have already discussed. Khonoma Village is a little distance further away, visit it to spend a night or two there, in the beautiful village homes that are made available to tourists.




The Mokokchung District is the home of the Ao tribe, which celebrates the Moatsu Festival that is held in May at the Chuchuyimlang village. Mopungchuket is another quiet and lovely little Naga village where you should consider spending a night at.




The Mon district is the remotest part of Nagaland and is the land of the Konyak tribe, which is know to be a tribe of former headhunters. The Mon district has a plenty of natural beauty as the nature here is untouched, almost untouched by the modernity.




Wokha district is another naturally beautiful part of Nagaland . The drive to Wokha is itself a great attraction for tourists as some of the loveliest sceneries pass as one moves along on the road. The sight of the lovely hills and mountains is simply breathtaking. Wokha is home to the Lotha tribe. To get an idea of the Naga rural life, a great idea is to spend time at the Riphyim village.


Dzukou Valley


The Dzukou Valley is a photographer’s delight as it is one of the most visually stunning sights in the North-East. Trekking to the Dzukou Valley is a part of the growing process for every young man and woman in Nagaland, and getting to the top of the valley after a long and arduous trek is a delight in itself. The Dzukou Valley is noted for the exotic flower, Dzukou Lily. The valley is surrounded by a thick bed of greenery which looks amazing when seen from a distance. Get your best camping gear along when you visit the Dzukou Valley and spend at least a night there if you can.

Japfu Peak


The Japfu Peak is one of the highest peaks in the North-East and a great place to go to for an adventurous trek. It is located at a height of 9,500 feet above sea level and is only a short distance away from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. The best part of the Japfu peak is the Rhododendron tree, which is 130 feet tall, and stands right on top of the peak.

Nature could not have been kinder to Nagaland, sometimes referred to as the “Switzerland of the East”; the exquisitely picturesque landscapes, the vibrantly colourful sunrise and sunset, lush and verdant flora, this is a land that represents unimaginable beauty, moulded perfectly for a breath taking experience.


So, lets pack our bags this summer to visit this most exotic place at the strategic location of North East India. To get information about different interesting travel packages do visit


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